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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing W-8ben form instructions

Instructions and Help about W-8ben form instructions

Hi coaches today we're going to learn how to fill out the w8b en it's on my team fly page under the files tab you'll see that you can download the form right from my page so you don't have to go find it in Beachbody you click download on the right hand side it'll download and you can click on show folder and it'll pop up where you downloaded it double click that and there you have it you're w8b en forum so we're just going to fill it out fill out your name the country which is Canada your address second line the city the province and your postal code the country again which is Canada there are some that you can leave blank or add na which I did which stands for non-applicable leave the one section blank that I have printed leave blank your social insurance number goes there leave this section blank next section is your birth date and make sure it's in the format that they state above your birth date this is the most important section please fill this out exactly like you see on the video there's also a picture image on my Facebook page team fly in the Files directory it also has these words verbatim you will end up getting your form sent back to you if you don't fill this out as I'm showing you right now and it's no big deal coach relations will send you an email and tell you what you've done wrong but I've had success filling it out exactly this way with two of my coaches you'll have to click on the line underneath if you run at a room just like I'm doing there and just click on it and keep typing hopefully you can spell and type better than I can a lot of backspacing this section of the forum is important and it's just stating that we will not be performing any business outside of Canada we don't have a store in Canada or we don't have a store in the United States and we are down in the States selling you can sell to US customers I believe you just have to remain in Canada when you're doing so make sure that you print your name where it says print name you will have to print this form out after this and sign it using a pen and then scan it back into your computer there are apps on phones that you can actually take the picture and it will convert it back into a PDF format so if you need to look up an app you don't have a printer you can do that make sure you save this you go to the top left corner file save as and make sure you rename this file add your name to the file and then click Save this section is how you send it okay I just search this.


How can you fill out the W-8BEN form (no tax treaty)?
A payer of a reportable payment may treat a payee as foreign if the payer receives an applicable Form W-8 from the payee. Prthis Form W-8BEN to the requestor if you are a foreign individual that is a participating payee receiving payments in settlement of payment card transactions that are not effectively connected with a U.S. trade or business of the payee.As stated by Mr. Ivanov below, Since Jordan is not one of the countries listed as a tax treaty country, it appears that you would only complete Part I of the Form W-8BEN, Sign your name and date the Certification in Part III.http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/i...Hope this is helpful.
As a Canadian working in the US on a TN-1 visa should I fill out the IRS Form W-8BEN or W9?
Use the W-9. The W-8BEN is used for cases where you are not working in the U.S., but receiving income relating to a U.S. Corporation, Trust or Partnership.
Can anyone explain the W-8BEN form to me? I have money that I should receive from the US for my work, and they asked for me to fill the W-8BEN. Do I really need to pay 30% in taxes?
If you are completing a W8BEN for work you did outside the US, the presumption would normally be that your income is NOT subject to withholding of US tax, which makes sense if you are a non-US individual working from outside the US.As for completing the form:Part ILines 1u20134 should be pretty self explanatory-you put your name, country of citizenship and addressLine 5 is for US taxpayer ID if you have one-you may not, but note there are some situations where you need to obtain oneLine 6 is for your foreign tax ID-you probably have one depending on your countryLine 7 is only needed if whoever is withholding tax needs to identify you and you do not have a US tax ID.Line 8 self explanatoryPart IILine 9-what country do you reside in-self explanatoryLine 10-If you are subject to withholding but qualify for special rates under a tax treaty between your home country and the US, you enter that information. This may require a conversation with a US tax professional or reading the relevant tax treaty at: United States Income Tax Treaties A to ZPart IIIShould be self explanatory you just sign and date the form.You can also read the instructions at: About Form W-8 BEN
Why do I have to fill out a W-8BEN form, sent by TD Bank, if I am an F1-student (from Canada) that is not working?
Of course you are not working. But the bank needs to notify the IRS of the account and it using the W-8BEN for to get the info it needs about you.
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